Olympics Handball | Egypt vs Bahrain

The Egyptian and Bahraini teams qualify for the next quarter-finals of the Olympics, as the Egyptian team became second with the same balance with Denmark, the group leader with 8 points, while Bahrain became fourth with 2 points.
Today, the Egyptian Olympic team will meet against the Bahrain Olympic handball team in the fifth round match of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and we will broadcast the live broadcast of the match between Egypt and Bahrain, which is scheduled for today, Sunday, August 1, 2021, and the match between Egypt and Bahrain will be broadcast live at four o’clock in the morning Cairo time and five in the morning Mecca time.
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The Egyptian team had fallen into a difficult group, as the second group, alongside the Egyptian team, included Bahrain, Portugal, Japan, Portugal, Denmark and Sweden, and the Egyptian team came in second place with 6 points after winning three games and losing in one match behind the Danish team, which has the lead with a score. 8 points, and equal in points with the third-placed Sweden team, while Bahrain comes in fourth place with two points.

According to the Olympic Handball Championship qualification system, the first four places in each of the two groups participating in the tournament qualify.
The Egyptian handball team managed to win its first match in the Olympics against Portugal with a score of 37-31, and the Egyptian team performed a great performance before the Egyptian team faced the Danish team in the second match in an early final, so that the Danish team beat Egypt 32-27 on Monday Last Wednesday, the Pharaohs faced Japan in the third match and won it 33-29 last Wednesday, July 28, and in the fourth match it faced the Swedish national team to win it 27-22.
The delegation of the Egyptian handball team included 16 players, "Yahya Al-Dara', Ali Zain, Hassan Walid Qaddah, Ahmed Hisham (Dodo), Saif Al-Dara', Yahya Khaled, Ahmed Al-Ahmar, Muhammad Hisham Sanad, Ibrahim Al-Masry, Muhammad Mamdouh Hashem Hindawi, Al-Tayyar, Muhammad Ali, Omar Al-Wakeel (Bakar), Wissam Sami Nawar and Ahmed Adel. ".
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