Juventus vs Sassuolo | Match Statistics


Throughout history, Juventus vs Sassuolo meetings have never ended goalless or 0-0. Always created at least 3 goals in the last 8 editions of I Bianconeri's encounter with I Neroverdi. Neither team has kept a clean sheet in the last 4 meetings between these two clubs in Serie A. Juventus have always scored 3 goals in the last 3 occasions against Sassuolo. I Bianconeri have not lost on their previous 8 occasions hosting I Neroverdi (7 wins, 1 draw). The only draw was achieved in the 2019-20 season with a score of 2-2. Alvaro Morata has not been able to score a goal or assist in the previous 4 opportunities against Sassuolo. Together with Massimiliano Allegri, I Bianconeri won 13 of the 18 matches that took place on Wednesday night local time (2 draws, 3 defeats). Juventus are unbeaten in their last 9 matches (7 wins, 2 draws). I Bianconeri have only conceded 1 goal in the last 5 matches. However, they were also unable to score more than 1 goal in those 5 matches. won last 3 home games by 1 goal difference. Sassuolo have always scored in the last 5 matches. Domenico Berardi has only missed a goal in the last 5 matches for I Neroverdi. Sassuolo have always conceded 2 goals in 4 away games this season. Juventus vs Sassuolo match in the 10th week of the Italian League 2021-22 will be Massimiliano Allegri's first meeting with Alessio Dionisi. Allegri vs I Neroverdi record: 8 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses. Allegri has always brought his team to victory in the last 7 occasions against Sassuolo. Dionisi just this time against Juventus. The referee who will lead the Juventus vs Sassuolo match in the of Serie A 2021-22 is Juan Luca Sacchi. This is the first time Sacchi has had the opportunity to lead the meeting between I Bianconeri and I Neroverdi. The hosts are unbeaten in 4 games that Sacchi has played this season (3 wins, 1 draw). The host has always kept a in the last 3 Serie A matches led by this referee. clean sheet in the previous 2 matches led by Sacchi. Both matches were at home. Sassuolo's record is set by Sacchi: 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss. The only victory when refereed by Sacchi was obtained when Sassuolo underwent an away match, namely 2-1 at home to AC Milan on 21 April.
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